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Searun Fly Fish

9.5ft Fluorocarbon SW Leader

9.5ft Fluorocarbon SW Leader

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Fluorocarbon Tapered Saltwater Leader in 9.5ft - Excellent choice for seatrout fishing in coastal waters, featuring a 0.62 mm butt section going to ~0.32mm tip diameter for optimal presentation and turnover. The thick butt section ensures higher energy transfer and better presentation. Additionally, larger line diameters provide more durability, less tear, and better landing rate.

  • 9.5ft for extra tip for loop - longer use
  • 100% fluorocarbon material from Japan
  • Sinks 3 times faster than nylon leaders with a sink rate of 1.2 ips. 


High quality coastal sea trout flies tied on AHREX hooks in-house with only the best and original materials.