SEARUN FLY FISH offers some of the best warranties in the fly fishing business. Our product warranties follow the products, not the initial buyer, ensuring enduring value and upholding our commitment to quality. We care about those who spend countless hours on the coast, and our warranties reflect our dedication to supporting your passion for fly fishing, ensuring that your investment remains worthwhile for years to come.



Our fly rod warranty covers any defects in design, materials, and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the original purchase date. This warranty follows the rod itself, not the original buyer, and remains valid regardless of ownership changes within the 3-year period. Proof of purchase is required to make any warranty claims.

During the warranty period, if your rod experiences any defects in design, materials, or workmanship, we will provide full warranty service. Additionally, if an accident occurs, you can purchase spare parts at a 50% discount off the regular price.

After the initial 3-year warranty period, you will still be able to purchase spare parts at a favorable rate, ensuring continued enjoyment of your fly fishing rod. This warranty complements your statutory rights regarding faulty or misdescribed products.


Part After the 3-Year Warranty

Within the 3-Year Warranty (Not Covered by the Warranty)

With Defects in Design, Materials, and Workmanship (Within the 3-Year Warranty)

Section 1 (tip) 1400 DKK 700 DKK 0 DKK
Section 2 1400 DKK 700 DKK 0 DKK
Section 3 1400 DKK 700 DKK 0 DKK
Section 4 (Butt/Handle) 2600 DKK 1300 DKK 0 DKK

Shipping costs will be added if the product is out of the 3-year warranty period.

After the 3-Year Warranty
The costs of spare parts after the 3-year warranty period will depend on the specific part and availability.

Within the 3-Year Warranty (Not Covered by the Warranty)
Some parts may not be covered under the 3-year warranty, such as parts subject to normal wear and tear or damage caused by misuse. The costs for these parts will vary.

With Defects in Design, Materials, and Workmanship (Within the 3-Year Warranty)
If spare parts have defects in design, materials, or workmanship within the 3-year warranty period, they will be replaced free of charge.

Our warranty does not cover damages resulting from improper care or the natural wear and tear of materials over extended use and time. This includes scratches, cork wear, weathering, and corrosion from salt or similar conditions.


    All shooting heads from SEARUN FLY FISH come with a material and quality guarantee, which means that we will exchange the product for free if it is defective or weighs more than 10% over the declared weight.

    Shooting heads are manufactured so that in 95% of cases, the weight is just above the declared weight. For example, a 12g shooting head often weighs between 12.1 and 12.6 grams. We perform random quality checks when packaging our products.

    All our fly lines feature high-quality loops with extra glue on top of the welded loop for better durability. We have tested many products, and our loops are the best on the market, lasting for 30 or more fishing days. Our 30lb core makes it very easy to create loops on the go if you encounter a problem. Simply make a perfection loop or similar, and you're ready to fish again. We recommend making a welded loop or using a nail knot to create a homemade quality loop. You can find instructions on YouTube for this.



    For warranty claims, please send an email to and attach proof of purchase or your order number. This will help us expedite the process and ensure a smooth resolution to any issues you may encounter with your fly fishing equipment.

    Our company reserves the right to update the warranty terms at any time. These updates ensure that our customers continue to receive the best possible service and product coverage. We are committed to transparency, and any changes to the warranty will be communicated clearly to our customers on this warranty page. Updated warranty information will be noted with a date stamp for your reference.

    Last updated on May 30th 2024


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