A tactical shooting head made from many years of coastal fly fishing experience, prototyping, and extensive testing. The SEARUN ADVANCE is here! 

We've created a 10-meter shooting head that feels like a short head with the benefits of a long head - easy to load, stabile for long casts and beautiful presentation. Our unique shooting head taper is designed with a longer rear taper and a solid body with a short front taper. That means very long casts and even out on 30 meters with a lack of energy. The line will present perfectly with the shorter front taper. Long casts with good presentation equals overhang, timing, and tracking - ADVANCE shooting heads will help towards that.
We're serious about our products - and that's why our lines have the same taper, length and design on all weights! No fooling around!


Start cast indicator

  • All densities and weights comes with 2 meter rear taper in fl. yellow. That indicates you to start casting. If you pull more line in, you'll need more blind casts and that means less fishing.
  • Starting a cast earlier will also give you a second chance on fish that follows your fly, instead of spooking it while bringing it too close to you. 

Double densities

  • With double densities you can fish shallow water and deep water - it all depends on your retrieve speed. The fly gets down to where you want to fish, quite fast. The floating part makes sure that the fly will stay in that depth while retrieving the line. This is perfect for hovering flies that you want to stay above the sea floor and not have to retrieve too fast.
  • Easy to start a new casts while pulling the floating part of the water first.
  • Tracking can very important when fishing waves, in low light or on long casts. Out 2 meter float section in fl. yellow ensures that. 


  • In coastal seatrout fishing, presentation is one of the most important aspects of effective fishing. You're blind fishing 90% of the time - that means you never know if a trout will take you fly right after it lands.
  • A curled presentation will scare the fish and you'll have to straighten the line before you can feel or hook a fish. Our body taper and front taper makes presentation smooth on all distances.
  • Even our 12g heads will casts big flies on 30 meters with beautiful presentation. The 2 meter rear taper stabilizes the cast before the turnover and helps with good presentation.


ADVANCE shooting heads comes in 3 densities and 10 meters in length in 12, 14, 16, and 18 gram. The taper design is made for easily load and long stabile casts on distance - wind or no wind. This 10 meter special tapered design ensures you good presentation, stabile casts and very long distance on minimal effort. Combined with our perfect nylon shooting line, this setup is very efficient for covering lots of water and to be an effective sea trout fisher. 
  • 10-meter head length on all weights and densities 
  • Unique taper design for easy loading, long casts and good presentation
  • Highly visible butt section for good line tracking in water
  • Micro exposed and strong durable loop connection
  • Ever lasting laser engraved weight and density
  • 30lb (14kg) strong low-stretch core
  • EFFECT-TAPER - A taper design that makes you fish better 



Advance Float 12, 14, 16 & 18g Fl. Yellow / Light Tan
Advance F/S1.5 12, 14, 16 & 18g Fl. Yellow / Blue
Advance F/S3 12, 14, 16 & 18g Fl. Yellow / Green



  • Float - Ideal for top water fishing, night fishing or fjord fishing with low salinity.
  • Float/S1.5 - All around line with slow intermediate sink rate (1.5 IPS) on the 80% of the line. Good for low salinity waters.
  • Float/S3 - Fast intermediate (3 IPS) and ideal for deeper waters, open coast, high salinity, or breaking the waves.


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