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Line Master by Easy Shrimp Eyes

Line Master by Easy Shrimp Eyes

Easy Shrimp Eyes

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The Line Master from Easy Shrimp Eyes is an amazing innovative product for the coastal seatrout fly fisher! We've been testing this since September 2023 and now we can't fish without it! It limits tangling to almost zero, makes your wading and line management an absolute ease. The Line Master is non comparable to other line management options out there. It beats all condition - hard wind, wading in water and waves, this tool is genius. 

The silicone spikes on the Line Master is the best we've seen - with a bend on the top ensures the line stays down even in tough conditions with hard wind and waves! 

The Line Master form Easy Shrimp Eyes comes with 4 sections that can be expanded/collapsed into one small handy piece which makes it an ease to move around, walking between spots, or just to pack in into a small package when travelling. Extra add-on sections will be available for even more line management. It also features a smart rod clip that keeps your fly fishing rod in place while handing fish, taking pictures etc.

The Line Master from Easy Shrimp Eyes is a must have in our opinion and a joy to use for coastal fly fishing!

  • Weights only 300 gram with elastic and easy adjustable belt
  • Made from ECO friendly reusable plastic 
  • Strong and durable design

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