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Razer Flat Mono Shooting Line

Razer Flat Mono Shooting Line

Searun Fly Fish

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The Razer Flat Mono Shooting Line is an upgraded version of our Fanatic mono shooting line. Made with a combination of ultra soft and low stretch nylon, this line offers excellent grip and properties similar to our popular fanatic line with some really good upgrades. With minimal memory and a soft feel straight out of the spool, there's no need for pre-stretching or soaking in water before use.

The line is extruded flat for minimal spool and wear coil while keeping a good grip and slick feel to the line. The RAZER shooting line comes in 30, 40 and 50lb on a 40 meter spool. All model comes in a fl. chartreuse color for easy tracking. 

 Model Size Color
Razer 30lb -5+ 0.34 x 0.58mm Fl. Chartreuse
Razer 40lb -6+ 0.40 x 0.65mm Fl. Chartreuse
Razer 50lb -7+ 0.46 x 0.79mm Fl. Chartreuse