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Razer Flat Mono Shooting Line

Razer Flat Mono Shooting Line

Searun Fly Fish

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Experience the difference with our new ultra-soft hydrophobic saltwater mono shooting line

The Razer saltwater flat mono shooting line is an upgraded version of our Fanatic mono shooting line. Made with a combination of ultra soft and low stretch nylon, this line offers excellent grip and properties similar to our popular fanatic line with some really good upgrades. With minimal memory and a soft feel straight out of the spool, there's no need for pre-stretching or soaking in water before use.

The line is extruded flat for minimal spool and wear coil while keeping a good grip and slick feel to the line. The Razer shooting line comes in 30, 40 and 50lb on a 40 meter spool. All models comes in a fl. chartreuse color for easy tracking. 

Hydrophobic saltwater mono shooting line

A hydrophobic line is designed to repel water, ensuring it does not absorb or retain moisture like a standard nylon monofilament. This means the line remains ultra-soft and maintains low memory under all conditions, even after drying out following use in saltwater. The Razer mono shooting line unique and perfected for coastal fly fishing!

 Model Size Color
Razer 30lb -5+ 0.34 x 0.58mm Fl. Chartreuse
Razer 40lb -6+ 0.40 x 0.65mm Fl. Chartreuse
Razer 50lb -7+ 0.46 x 0.79mm Fl. Chartreuse

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great line!

Well, I can’t compare this to other mono lines - this one is the first I’ve tried.
I was a little nervous about going from coated shooting line to mono, but with Razer, there was no reason to.
I cast longer and so far I have less tangle than with my old coated line.
If I really have to point something out, it could be nice if it was possible to choose it in different colours. It’s the same colour as the Advance S/H and I like to see how much overhang I got. But it’s just me.
Would I buy it again? Hell yeah!

Kenneth Ø.
A top-shelf mono shooting line

Perfect balance between soft and "no stretch" mono line. I use the 50 lb line for coastal fishing and it works like a charm.
- The grip on the flat surface is perfect.
- I experience little to no tangles with the line.
- Compared to many other mono lines there very little stretch and you have perfect contact with the fly.

Like all other mono shooting lines, it becomes softer and even more manageable after being rinsed or soaked shortly under the tap approx 60 min before fishing.

To date, probably the best mono line I've used. Well done!

tristan brodzikowski

Very satisfied with the product. 40 lb is perfect for coast Fishing!

Perfect !

Having tried almost every mono shooting line available I’ve never been this satisfied. The 40 lbs is soft in hand and yet sturdy with almost no elasticity or memory . I felt every little nibble on the fly way out in the cast - nibbles that I most certainly would have missed with my usual mono line. This is a keeper

Sten Lindgren

Arrived today and I'm impressed! Really soft and great feel. Can't wait to try it