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SEARUN Salinity #6

SEARUN Salinity #6

Searun Fly Fish

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Introducing the SALINITY SERIES of coastal fly rods. These flagship fly rods are renowned for their outstanding performance and are tailor-made for our Advanced shooting heads. With a crisp, balanced, and highly responsive fast action blank meticulously crafted from the lightest and most accurate graphene material on the market, they are undeniably powerhouses in coastal fly fishing. The extra concentration of G+ graphene makes these rods ultra-light in swing weight and it's probably the lightest saltwater fly rods available in its class. 

  • Advanced SALINITY G+ graphene carbon fiber technology
  • Custom light saltwater dark titanium anodized reel seat
  • RECOIL® CERECOIL”BLACK PEARL” PVD nickel titanium guides
  • RECOIL® ultra-light ”BLACK PEARL” PVD nickel titanium snake eyes
  • Premium CG1 Flor Grade full-wells ergonomic cork handle
  • Saltwater fitted with EVA/Cork fight butt in all weight
  • 40 & 60 cm bright C&R measurement markings
  • Supplied in aluminium rod tube

Models / Specifications

SALINITY-904 4 weight 9ft 4pcs 88g
SALINITY-905 5 weight 9ft 4pcs 91g
SALINITY-906 6 weight 9ft 4pcs 94g
SALINITY-907 7 weight 9ft 4pcs 97g

The SALINITY fly rod is constructed using advanced graphene G+ carbon fiber technology, which ensures exceptional strength, lightweight properties, and sensitivity. This makes it highly responsive and capable of handling various fishing situations with ease. The blank action is tailor-made for needs in coastal seatrout fishing and handles the SEARUN Advance shooting heads to perfection.

The SALINITY rod features a custom lightweight saltwater reel seat, designed specifically to withstand the rigors of saltwater fly fishing while providing a secure grip on the reel. It comes with two easy grip barrel threads and a guided locking nut for easy reel attachment.

The RECOIL® CERECOIL™ ceramic-lined titanium-framed guides reduce friction and wear on the line, allowing for smooth and efficient casting and retrieval. Additionally, the RECOIL® pearl black titanium-coated snake eyes further enhance durability and performance in harsh saltwater environments.

The handle is a full wells made from Flor Grade CG1 premium-grade cork, offering a comfortable and ergonomic grip for extended life time. All models comes with a EVA foam/cork fight-butt for great fight support and protection of the fly rod.

The SALINITY rod series incorporates catch-and-release / quick measuring markers within the rod design. Positioned 40 and 60 cm from the fight butt, the rod showcases fluorescent chartreuse markings for swift and precise fish measurement and release.

Finally, the rod boasts a stylish and durable dark blue night sky blank finish, combining aesthetics with functionality for a rod that not only performs exceptionally well but also looks great on the water. Overall, this fly rod is a top-of-the-line choice for serious saltwater fly fishermen seeking uncompromising performance and quality.