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Custom Saltwater Leaders | 6PACK Guide Bundle

Custom Saltwater Leaders | 6PACK Guide Bundle

Searun Fly Fish

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Includes 3 packs of 2 leaders - 6 leaders total

SEARUN Saltwater Copolymer Leaders are optimized with a taper design for coastal fly fishing. We have designed these tapered saltwater leaders to match our needs in coastal fly fishing. A bit heavier butt taper for good energi transfer. These are very veritable and be used on both intermediate and floating lines. A great match for our Advance shooting heads. We recommend tip diameter 0.30mm for 4 and 5wt., and 0.33mm for 6, 7 and 8 wt. 

These leaders are made of the highest quality copolymer - slick with low memory and soft straight out of the package. This copolymer have 30% stronger knot strength than raw fluorocarbon leaders. SEARUN Saltwater Copolymer Leaders comes in 10FT and 13FT which means the last longer and are easily customized to the length and taper you prefer. They come in 2 tip diameters ranging, 0.30 and 0.33mm. 


Length Tip diameter Butt diameter Taper
10FT 0.30mm 0.60mm 40%/40%/20%
13FT 0.30mm 0.60mm 40%/40%/20%
10FT 0.33mm 0.64mm 40%/40%/20%
13FT 0.33mm 0.64mm 40%/40%/20%


Environmental friendly

These leaders comes in two in a pack for less packaging and waste. Copolymer nylon is further more a environment friendly product to produce and it breaks down faster in nature if wasted.